Our mission - Arbio Ong

Rainforest Defenders

We have two sites to fund activities for preserving the Arbio rainforest located in the Las Piedras river watershed, Tambopata province, Madre de Dios. Connect with the Amazon by choosing a hectare of Amazonian rainforest or a tree to protect them from illegal logging.



We study wildlife (amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) in collaboration with the Centro de Ornitología y Biodiversidad (CORBIDI) within ArBio’s forest, as well as the inventory of Amazon Big Trees in danger of illegal logging, for their monitoring and conservation. There is great potential for carrying out studies on the reproductive activities of Hylidae frog families, birdwatching, ethology or behavior of large mammals, arthropod diversity, and topics related to population ecology.



Studies have identified 38 species of amphibians and 31 reptiles in the forest that we protect. There are 259 bird species and the list continues to grow. Four species are categorized as endangered on a global level, and two on a national level. Presence of 30 mammal species, notably felines (jaguars, jaguarundis, ocelots, pumas), mountain hogs (collared peccaries, white-lipped peccaries), tapirs, and red deer, which use the clay licks regularly to feed and groom themselves.


Wild Experience

Protect and visit the Amazon rainforest! You can be a part of the preserving activities of Arbio. The visitor’s experience focuses on investigation of the flora and fauna, enjoying nature and connecting with the great Amazonic trees.


Analog Forestry

Arbio is a promoter of Analog Forestry, a method of restoring the rainforest by copying its natural condition. Analog Forestry produces benefits such as the reduction of pests and the obtaining of organic products, in contrast with monocultures which only deteriorate the ecosystem quickly.