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  • Subsidies for conservation activities

    Subsidies and donations will go to the infrastructure and logistics of our project. Such as the purchase of a new boat and engine. Provisions such as gasoline, monitoring equipment (Cameras, GPS, batteries, etc.) and to sustain the current forest rangers who leave on the concession 24/7.

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    Field supplies necessary for investigation

    Conservation evaluations, investigation of biodiversity and flora and fauna inventories.

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    Monitoring of great Amazon trees

    Species that are endangered and are illegally logged, are being carefully and diligently observed. To be able to not only protect but to further deepen the scientific research on these trees which are quite unknown to us.

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    Renovation of the communication equipment

    The Purchase of new UHF radio to communicate with the biologic station as well as with the forest rangers who live on site, since there’s no phone signal in this area of the rainforest, no Wi-Fi nor electricity.

  • Our means of transport and the purchase of a boat

    The only way to get to our concession is by a 6-hour boat ride on the river Las Piedras. It is the only means of transport and our current boat is simply too old and is falling apart. With out a proper boat there is simply no way for us to continue our work.

The Amazon rain forest is currently fighting against deforestation without precedents with the consequent loss of species and biodiversity. Our goal is to demonstrate a conservation project in a sustainable way. And to protect the ancient rainforest trees from extinction.

Your contribution will make a big difference and enable us to continue protecting the rain forest.

All donations go directly to the maintenance and continuity of our project in the rainforest, which we’ve been protecting since 2010, in the river of the Las Piedras, Tambopata, Madre de Dios, Peru.

To continue protecting the rainforest and conserve it for longer we need everyone’s support.

Thank you for your support!
Arbio Peru and the Amazon thank you!