Location - Arbio Ong


The Arbio Peru Forest is located in the Las Piedras District, Tambopata Province, Madre de Dios department, Peru, on the border with Bolivia and Brazil.

It consists of 916 hectares of forest which the State of Peru granted in concession in 2006 for 40 years, renewable.

Classified using Holdridge’s life zones*, the area is considered Tropical Wet Forest (wf-T). Tropical forests in southern Peru are home to world-renowned biodiversity.

How to get here?

There are two ways to get to the Arbio Forest from Puerto Maldonado:

  1. Puerto Sabaluyoc Route. Overland from the city of Puerto Maldonado to Sabaluyoc on the bank of the Las Piedras River (40 minutes). River transport for 5 hours.
  2. Puerto Lucerna Route. Overland from the city of Puerto Maldonado to Lucerna on the banks of the Las Piedras River (2.5 hours). River transportation for 1 hour.

Contracted vehicles with 4 to 10-person capacity provide land transportation. The river transportation is Arbio’s own boat, with 8-person maximum capacity.

* Holdridge’s life zones, also called the Life Zones Ecological Classification System, define a Life Zone using mean temperature and total annual precipitation.