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Conservation Experience – ARBIO Perú

Arbio Peru protects 916 hectares of forest in the Las Piedras river basin, in Tambopata province, Madre de Dios. Conservation activities and forest protection are the organization’s principal objective, so visiting us is a different experience, designed for people who are interested in taking part in conservation. If you are already an Arbio Forest Defender, check out our special program for sponsors.

The Madre de Dios Region is the third largest department in Peru. Known for having the highest biodiversity in this country, it houses abundant vegetation and has a high species richness of flora and fauna, with over a thousand bird species and a world record for the number of butterflies. However, many of its species are endangered and its ecosystem faces serious threats.

A large part of its population is located in the capital, Puerto Maldonado. The principal economic activity is mining, which has increased significantly in the past few years and is mainly based in the southern part of the department. This activity and others such as illegal logging, the expansion of monoculture, hunting, and the trade in forest animal species, represent the primary dangers facing the forest and its inhabitants, due to their impacts on the landscape and thus on its ecosystems. The construction of the interoceanic highway is also significant, because while it does help the products of local communities get to market, it also advances deforestation and forest destruction.

But not all news in this region is bad. Another economically and environmentally important activity is ecotourism, especially in the Tambopata and Manu areas. This is a means for tourism to contribute to the conservation of large areas of the Amazon rain forest.

Arbio Peru contributes to this effort with positive strategies for forest conservation. Since its founding in 2011, Arbio Peru has worked to research and protect the Amazon rain forest. The organization operates in an area granted in concession in the Las Piedras river basin, where illegal logging of large trees and the expansion of shifting cultivation are the most serious threats.

Arbio Peru offers an enriching and eye-opening experience in which visitors learn about the value of the forest, wildlife, Amazon ecology, conservation efforts, and efforts to build sustainable businesses with local people.