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Planting and Harvesting Fruit

Within the area we protect, we have set aside a space near the cabins as a small plot for growing food for our team and visitors. In this way, we hope to be self-sustaining in the forest and reduce our dependence on food brought from the city.

The species we have in this small plot include: coconut, copoazu, pinapple, cacao, avocado, lime, orange, aguaje, lucuma, breadfruit, soursop, acai, camu camu, yucca, papaya, horned melon, passion fruit, basil, plantain, mango, moringa, and sugar cane, among others. We grow around 40 species, 85% of which are native to the Amazon. We have prioritized local fruit-bearing species and medicinal plants. Among the medicinal species, we have jergon sacha, dumb cane, ajo sacha, spiral ginger, and sangre de grado.

Depending on the stage of maturity of the plants, we may be able to harvest some fruit. This activity fosters interest and provides important information about the value of this ecosystem in its purest and most natural state. We use no chemical fertilizers and certainly no pesticides. All the products are therefore organic, and as nutritious as possible.

Because we do not use chemical products to fertilize the soil, we look for other methods to restore and maintain it, planting species that improve soil structure and nutrient content, such as legumes (jack beans, pigeon peas) and vetiver.

Duration of activity: 1.5 hours