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Hiking Forest Trails

We have the following trails for you to choose from:

Mapa del bosque de Arbio con caminos
On the trail of giants – Approx. 3-4 hours – 4.4 Km

On this hike you will see the many medicinal trees and large trees in danger from illegal logging, such as the Brazilian teak and breadnut. You will learn the history, relationships, and ecology of each species.

Old watcher – Approx. 1-2 hours – 2.5 Km

This route focuses on a visit to the grandfather of the forest, an enormous thousand-year-old Brazilian teak. You will also see and learn about a variety of understory plants, like heliconias, tangarana trees, and the palm species sangapilla, and their uses.

Wild tracks – Approx. 3-4 hours – 4.4 Km

This loop follows forest fauna. You can observe the marks of large mammals such as tapir and deer. We will visit another grandfather of the forest, a complex system of various species that form an enormous “tree.” We will also visit a palm forest where countless Amazon animals live. This route will take us by two mammal feeding stations and we will learn about placing and downloading information from the camera traps.

From farm to treetops – Approx. 1-2 hours – 1.5 Km

We will visit Arbio’s demonstration farm, where 30 edible and medicinal species have been planted, and then go on to see large trees such as the sandbox tree and bulletwood and learn about the role they play as emergent trees in the Amazon. We will visit two mammal feeding stations and learn to use the camera traps.