Night walks - Arbio Ong

Night walks

As night falls, we begin a walk through the surroundings of the biological station, accompanied by a herpetologist or entomologist, or by a guide trained in these specialties.

The goal is to observe nocturnal fauna by the light of lanterns. We might see arthropods such as tarantulas, beetles, and various insects, and if we are lucky, we will catch a glimpse of a nocturnal mammal such as a paca, wild cat, tapir, or deer.

We’ll also look for reptiles and amphibians (frogs, toads, and snakes.) No less importantly, we will enjoy the sounds of the forest, which become an auditory spectacle at night.

The night walk ends with the option to find a spot to light a campfire by the river in order to enjoy the starry sky.

Duration of activity: 1-3 hours