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Tatiana received the “Order Medal to Women’s Merit” award

Tatiana Espinosa has been awarded by the Ministry of Women with an exceptional medal in merit to her outstanding activities...

The Amazon isn’t only a pair of lungs, but also the heart of the planet

Por: Nicoletta Zucconi The great Amazonic trees not only catch CO2 and give us oxygen to live, but they also...

Peruvian receives acknowledgement in Nepal for protecting the Amazonic rainforests

International Ranger Federation gave her the Jane Goodall award Tatiana Espinosa has been fighting for the conservation of the Great...

Tatiana Espinosa, Guardian of the Shihuahuaco

By: Augusto Mulanovich Diez-Canseco Tatiana Espinosa is a forestry engineer who decided to preserve the amazon forests more than a...
Turismo de conservacion

Conservation Tourism: an activity that protects the Amazon rainforest

We’ve finished the making of the project “Development of an Ecotourism Model with the Las Piedras (Madre de Dios), river...

Jaguar in Tambopata: returning home

By: Rocío Espinosa On the last week of January an alarm was sounded in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios’ capital,...
Navegando hacia el campamento ARBIO

Expedition to the Biology Station January – February 2019

February 16, 2019 By Tatiana Espinosa In January the seasonal rains made it impossible for us to complete the expedition...

The humans as living beings are insignificant in the planet’s Biomass

Por: Nicoletta Zucconi According to the first definition given by the Royal Spanish Academy to the word “biomass” we can...

8 Goals for a greener 2019

1. Refuse disposables/plastic bags and carry own bags when shopping The industrial ecologist Roland Geyer, from the University of California,…

Collage Madre de Dios

Those of us who live in Madre de Dios

By: Augusto Mulanovich For those of us who live in Madre de Dios, the majority of us have recently arrived….