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Amazon Bamboo Workshop

Bamboo Workshop en Amazon yoga centre
Bamboo Workshop in Amazon yoga centre

At the beginning of November, the Amazon Bamboo Workshop was created. This workshop is a collaboration with the Bamboo Architecture Company and Amazon Yoga Center with the goal of introducing bamboo as a material to be used in construction, as well as presenting its different uses that benefit social, economic and environmental development in Madre de Dios. This workshop also seeks to revalue the bamboo forests in Tambopata, involving the community and teaching them about everything that could be produced from this material.

Arbio Peru’s very own Tatiana Espinosa participated, giving a presentation about the Conservation and Resilience of the Amazon rainforest. At the same time, we were able to better understand this material, its benefits and uses, and how to harvest and handle it through practical preservation and drying workshops, construction workshops, as well as shared experiences with experts in the field.

Bamboo has become one of the most promising materials. Its rapid growth, benefits, and great versatility are reflected in the variety of products that can be created using both its natural and modified forms.

Amazon Bamboo Workshop. Photos by amazon yoga centre

These spaces are conducive to learning about bamboo’s uses, and they give local communities and businesses options to use bamboo in crafts, food processing, posts for farming, structures, panels and composite materials for houses and buildings, products for the home, bicycles, scooters, pulp and paper, textile fibers, medicine and biochemical products (bioplastics and biofuels), charcoal for cooking and heating, and much more.



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